Traffic Management


The most pressing current issue for Hahei is the number of tourists now visiting Cathedral Cove (approx 160,000 in 2014, 38,000 in January 2015 alone), and their impact on the village.

Hahei is extremely congested over the January – March holiday period and will only get worse unless we invest in the right traffic management infrastructure.

Some progress has been made over the years. Grange Road has been upgraded and illegal parking in the area reduced. But this has really just pushed the problem elsewhere in the village. A temporary Park and Ride service operates over the holiday period. But village area is now very congested and we need a long term solution.

The bottom line is there is simply not enough parking in Hahei to accommodate the visitors attracted to Cathedral Cove and Hahei.

The promotion of the blowhole walk and extension of the Cathdral Cove walk will only add to this congestion. It is therefore critical that good well thought through solutions are implemented to mitigate any current and future issues.

TCDC hasnow built a 200 car carpark at the Waste Treatment plant in Pa Rd (the Village Entry Carpark) and proposes a 500 car carpark in Lees Rd. As the cost of these is considerable, (Village Entry approx $650,000) it is critical that we are sure that these are the correct solutions and are made to work effectively.

It is also important that these are in line with the Hahei Community Plan which is due for revision.

Meetings and Documents

TCDC Hahei Parking Plan Nov 2017

This is the TCDC proposal presented to the Mercury Bay Comminuty Board for acceptance at their 8 Nov 2017 meeting. It includes recommendations for paid parking at the Beach front carpark plus a residents parking permit system and more.

Our Submission on TCDC Strategy document and Action Plan October 2016

We made a submission on a large number of points in TCDC documents (see link below). This was discussed at a meeting on 30 October involving RPA, the Hahei Business Association and Lees Rd residents who attended. The final submission is here.

TCDC Traffic Management Strategy & Action Plan Aug 2016

Following various discussions and reports TCDC have published their Mercury Bay parking Strategy and Action documents. These are relatively unchanged from their original plan about carparks, charging etc. We have requested that these remain as draft so that they can be amended as required. Submissions on these documents may be made until 31 October 2016 . Please read these and have your say. Send your submission to

Read the docs here.. Strategy Doc. Action Plan Doc .
Read the TCDC website summary here

Peer Review of Traffic Management Report July 2016

Brett Harries has peer reviewed the MWH Traffic Management Report on behalf of the Ratepayers Association. Read this here. Meeting to discuss this on Friday 5 August 2016 at 3pm in Hahei Community Centre




Revised Traffic Management Report Released May 2016

The 2016 revised report has been released but doesn't really say much new. The revised report was commissioned so it could be based on peak summer visitor figures and surveys.

Unfortunately this work was done on 4 January which was a cold, wet blustery day with few people venturing out. The Cooks Beach fair was also on so we do not feel it was at all representative of normal peak visitor numbers. Even the Park & Ride was empty on that day! The report has had to make recomendations based on interpretation of these numbers.

Pa Rd / Village Entry Carpark Update May 2016

An apparent about turn by the Mayor has caused the RPA to temporarily withdraw carpark support pending clarification of his plans. He clearly stated (public meetings and in writing) that no work would commence on the walkway until carparking and traffic management issues were resolved. His latest position is that walkway work, including the Blowhole, would be concurrent with carpark work. RPA has asked for this latest position to be changed back to the previous committments made to the community. Read this here

View the HRPA letter asking for clarification here

Pa Rd / Village Entry Carpark Update April 2016

As part of ongoing discussions about Hahei traffic issues, TCDC has undertaken to build a carpark on the unused sewage treatment land at 20 Pa Rd. Access to this will be from beside The Church Restaurant on Hahei Beach Rd.

View the proposed plans and letter of notification to affected parties here. This includes most of the detail about this proposal.

HRPA had conditionally supported this proposal. Conditions relate to sealing, planting, provision of a toilet, information board and shelter, and rubbish disposal.

View the HRPA letter of support and conditions here

Traffic Management Study

In mid 2015 TCDC commissioned an independent Traffic Management study of the whole area.

The completed MWH Traffic Impact Report is available here. It was formally presented to the community on 7th October and subsequently also to Lees Rd residents.

The meetings were well attended and the key conclusion was that there was not enough data to make the assumptions that the report made (eg average parking time 2 hrs). It was resolved to obtain more data over the peak season (which is what we recommended before the report was commissioned).

The report did not appear to take an overall holistic view of the whole area but seemed to concentrate mostly on the possible options that have already been suggested by council (eg Pa Rd and Lees Rd carparks). Alternative options should be available for consideration.

View the minutes from the 7 October meeting and the MWH presentation to the meeting.

The RPA/Stakeholders group sent a letter to the Governance group on 20 October with our feedback and outlining a number of concerns about the report. Read this here.

TCDC have publicly undertaken that no significant structural work will be started on the walkway until issues and impacts identified in this report are resolved. In the meantime their planning and background work continues (consent applications, plantings etc)

As a result of obvious recomendations that a survey should be completed at the busy time of the year, subsequent survey work was undertaken on 4 Jan 2016. Unfortunately the weather was bad on this day and the Cooks Beach fair was also on. So it did not represent normal visitor numbers or patterns for the busy period. The Park & Ride was very quiet on this day.

The revised report was due to be presented in March but has still not been presented (April), and no date for this has been suggested.

We await the findings and conclusions from this with interest.




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