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Hahei Ratepayers 2018 AGM minutes
(To be accepted at 2019 AGM)

Hahei Ratepayers Committee Minutes 24 Jan 2018


Hahei Ratepayers Committee Minutes 26 Nov 2017

Hahei Ratepayers Committee Minutes 29 Oct 2017

Hahei Ratepayers Committee Minutes 24 Sept 2017

Hahei Ratepayers Committee Minutes 27 August 2017

Hahei Ratepayers Committee Minutes 30 July 2017

Further discussion of all ongoing matters.

Hahei Ratepayers Committee Minutes 25 June 2017

Including working papers and correspondence re Sewage and wastewater, Traffic and parking issues, and water testing etc.

Hahei Ratepayers Committee Minutes 28 May 2017

Plus documentation re matters discussed including Sewage Update, Traffic and Tourist update, Association Rules Update and Arthur Harsant Property meeting minutes

Hahei Ratepayers Committee Minutes 23 April 2017

Hahei Ratepayers 2017 AGM 15 April 2017

View the Minutes and associated documents of the 2017 AGM.

Hahei Ratepayers Committee Minutes 17 March 2017

Hahei Ratepayers Committee Minutes 1 March 2017

Hahei Ratepayers Committee Minutes 23 Feb 2017

Hahei Ratepayers Committee Minutes 17 Feb 2017

More on the same issues. Upcoming Environment Court mediation discussion.

Hahei Ratepayers Committee Minutes 26 Jan 2017

Sundry updates and discussion on issues including 100 acres appeal, TCDC dropins and consultation, Park and Ride, new carpark, communication, finances and more!


Coromandel Walkway Stakeholders Minutes 7 Nov 2016

Sundry updates and discussion on consent processes for walks and carparks, signage concerns, parking issues and more.

TCDC Walk Governance Group Minutes 1 Sept 2016

Hahei Ratepayers/Stakeholders Minutes 12 June 2016

Discussion about a Hahei weed and pest control plan, Memorial garden, Coastal Walkway, Lees Rd & Hahei Carparks, District Plan and more. The Mayor has changed the rules for attendance by HRPA at Governance meetings and is setting up yet another stakeholders group. (Key Stakeholders Group - see terms of reference)

Hahei Ratepayers/Stakeholders Minutes 1 May2016
Issues discussed included funding for Hot Water Beach Surf Lifesaving (and coverage at Cathedral Cove & Hahei), operation of commercial businesses from private properties (Kayak hire and parking), Governance meeting, workplan for community plan and more...

Hahei Ratepayers/Stakeholders Minutes 2 April 2016
The full minutes are coming soon.

It was resolved that the RPA should make a community submission to TCDC on the proposed Fires in the Open Bylaw. This submission is here for you to view.

There have been 6 major fires in Hahei in the last few years - (2 house, restaurant, 2 on the Pa and an major one on the bluffs below Grange Rd. The last 3 were caused by fireworks or fire lanterns.

Hahei Fire Brigade has also made a submission on this.

TCDC Walk Governance Group Minutes 27 April 2016

Hahei Ratepayers AGM 2016 Minutes 26 March 2016

Hahei Ratepayers Financial Report 2015

TCDC Walk Governance Group Minutes 24 March 2016

Hahei Ratepayers/Stakeholders Minutes 13 March 2016
The agenda and working papers for this meeting, including info about the village carpark, are also here . The meeting resolved to follow up on a kayak and paddleboard rental business in Pa Rd to see if all appropriate consents, concessions and safety plans were in place. This letter to TCDC is here.


Hahei Ratepayers/Stakeholders Minutes 13 Dec 2015

Hahei Ratepayers AGM 2015 Minutes 11 April 2015

Hahei Ratepayers/Stakeholders Minutes 15 Nov 2015 (including email responses from Gary Towler to RPA/Stakeholders letter of 20 October expressing concerns)

TCDC walk Governance Group Minutes 22 October 2015

Hahei Ratepayers/Stakeholders Minutes 14 Oct 2015

MWH Traffic Management Public Meeting 7 Oct 2015

Hahei Ratepayers/Stakeholders Minutes 2 Sept 2015

TCDC Governance Group Minutes 27 August 2015

TCDC Governance Group Minutes 6th August 2015

Prior to Hahei being invited onto this group, the group made a number of key decisons about parts of the walkway and time frames at their 6th August meeting.






2015 continued

RPA & Walk Stakeholders Group Minutes 15 July 2015

Meeting attended by Gary Towler and Sam Marshall (and others) from TCDC and Community board. From what they said, it appears that it is full steam ahead for their planned Lees Rd walkway/footpath, a Lees Rd carpark and a 130 car Pay & Display carpark at the sewage ponds in spite of local concerns that these may not be the right solutions. The group believes that these decisions should not be made or progressed until the current area wide Traffic Assessment and the investigation of the feasibility of a proper coastal walk are completed. Concerns were also expressed about the level of subsidy for the Summer Shuttle and Park & Ride and whether the fares for these can be increased to reduce ratepayer burden (approx $30,000pa). And more.. read on!

RPA & Walk Stakeholders Group Minutes 10 June 2015
Discussions re District Plan and approval of a HBRPA Position statement re the proposed rezoning of the "100 acres" land approaching Hahei. Discussion on HBRPA PR plan, an action plan for revamping of the Hahei Community Plan, the Traffic Management Study, the Walk etc.

RPA & Walk Stakeholders Group Minutes 27 May 2015
Including presentations by TCDC re Community Plan and St John re permanent base in Hahei. Attended by TCDC and 3 Community Board reps
TCDC Community Plan Presentation
St John Presentation

RPA & Walk Stakeholders Group Minutes 17 May 2015
Discussed and formulated a firm community position on the walk and associated issues
Hahei Community Position Statement 19 May 2015

Walkway Governance Group (DOC, TCDC, IWI) meeting minutes 23 April 2015 Discussions re workplan and funding application outcomes

TCDC Stakeholders meeting 13 Feb 2015
Including presentation made to TCDC about community views expressed in written submissions
Hahei Presentation to TCDC re position


Public Meeting re Walk 29 Nov 2014
Attended by around 180 people and strong opinions expressed. Transcript of meeting - see what was said by whom
TCDC minutes - the official summary
TCDC FAQ handout sheet presented at the meeting

Contact the committee for more if required.


Minutes 19 May 2013


None on site


HBRPA Annual Report 2011

Minutes 04 Dec 2011

Minutes 23 Oct 2011

Minutes 28 Aug 2011

Minutes 24 July 2011

Minutes 05 June 2011

AGM Minutes 23 April 2011