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This site is no longer being updated (April 2018). For more information go to haheicommunity.co.nz or the Residents and Ratepayers Facebook page. If what you are looking for is not there, please contact news@haheiratepayers.co.nz

The Hahei Beach Ratepayers Association is a non-profit organisation whose primary objective is to safeguard, promote and conserve the interests of the owners and residents of properties in Hahei. We work on your behalf to keep Hahei the community you want it to be.

The Hahei Beach Ratepayers Association Inc. was incorporated under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 on the 6th day of August 1991. 508432

If you are not a Member of the Hahei Beach Ratepayers Association and would like to join: please email to: news@haheiratepayers.co.nz or download the Membership form here.

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For the 2017 financial year, 1 January to 31 December, it has been resolved that the membership/subscription fee be $20 per household. This is to encourage everyone to be a member and allow extensive community wide communication on all issues during this critical year. Annual membership includes regular newsletters, voting rights at meetings and the AGM, input on submissions to Council addressing legislation changes and a contribution to the ongoing conservation, improvement and enhancement of our beautiful beach, village and the associated amenities.


The Association’s Annual General Meeting is held each year at Easter.

The Hahei Beach Ratepayers Association Committee meets on an as required basis, this is expected to be quite often due to the critical planning issues we are facing at this time. Committee Meetings are open to the public and held at the Hahei Community Centre. Any Ratepayer or Resident of Hahei is welcome to attend the meeting. This is an opportunity to provide the Committee with suggestions, concerns and input about our community. Please come and have your say and also to see what we are doing on your behalf!

2017/2018 issues

As per the 23 April Committee minutes, the major focusses in 2017 will be long term plans for sewage and wastewater, and Traffic / Tourism issues. Working subgroups have been formed to work on these issues. A review of the Association rules and membership will also be undertaken so that there is a focus on all residents in the community instead of just ratepayers.

2016/2017 issues

Major focusses in 2017 were the District Plan review and structure plan in relation to the 100 acres at the entrance to Hahei. Also completion of the Village entrance carpark and other related infrastructure issues.

2015/2016 issues

The major issues we dealt with during 2015-2016 were in relation to the mitigation of infrastructural issues around the proposed Cathedral Coast Walk, and the potential zoning changes in the District Plan review. Carparking and congestion during summer are already critical so we must find solutions to this. Some of the solutions may be within the District plan review.

Beyond that we considered the mitigation of issues caused by a further increase in tourist numbers if the Cathedral Coast Walk goes ahead. Planning for future growth also meant consideration of issues related to Wigmore Stream pollution, sewage, subdivisions, carparking and the expansion of commercial areas, and how any rezoning may impact these issues positively or negatively.

your committee

Under the Rules of the Association, nominations are called for Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and the Committee. Nominations take place four weeks prior to the AGM. Elections are not necessary if there is no contest for any position.

The Association Committee for 2018/2019 is:

Bill Stead
Secretary / News TBA
Treasurer Cathie Baloghy
Committee Members John North
  Karen Blair
Peter Harrison
  Gilbert Bannan
  Nick Cashmore
  Paul Revell
  Anna Bartlett
Financial Reviewer
Geoff Dalzell

This committee intends to work closely with DOC, TCDC and other parties to ensure that the residents and ratepayers of Hahei acheive outcomes suitable to them and are not penalised and inconvenienced by external decision making. Good two way communication on issues with all of the community is considered to be very important.

We intend to take a stand on issues based on what we think the community wants. So if you have a viewpoint, please tell us!

contact us

Feel free to contact any Member of the Committee directly or via our e-mail news@haheiratepayers.co.nz. The chairman may be contacted directly at chair@haheiratepayers.co.nz

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