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Hahei Presentation to New Council 22 Nov 2016

About 30 Hahei residents attended the first meeting of the newly elected council. 4 representatives made a presentation outling Hahei issues relating to infrastructure and the proposed walkway. They also requested a review of walkway finances before proceeding further with this. They asked the new council to be more consultative and inclusive of the community in order to progress infrastructural issues. The Hahei community really wants to work with the council in order to get the best outcomes for all. We hope the new council is also very receptive to this. View the presentation here.

Hahei Memorial Garden Proposal June 2016

It is proposed to build a memorial garden at Kotare reserve. The initial proposal for this is here.

The Memorial Garden is for private people to place plaques only.  If ashes were to be interred there, it wouldl be classified as a cemetery and therefore, under Council jurisdiction. The Reserves Committee wishes to manage the Garden themselves and the Council were in favor of this.  So, ashes will not be able to be interred there.  It will be a place to remember and contemplate with the placement of a plaque only. The plaques will be available through a Charitable Trust that will be set up to administer the Memorial Garden.

Decision on new liquor licence in Hahei June 2016

After consideration of numerous objections, the Licensing board has released their decision and awarded an Off License for a new liquor store in Hahei. Read the decision here

Public meeting 28 Nov 2015

The Mayor, TCDC staff, Community Board members, DOC, IWI and around 180 people attended a public meeting about the walkway. View more information on the walkway page

Various Walkway Followups October 2015

We have followed up with TCDC on a number of issues related to this and asked for further clarifications and answers. See the walkway page for detailed information and documentation.

Traffic Impact Report Released 30 Sept 2015

The completed Traffic Impact Report is available here. It was be formally presented to the community on 7th October. More information is on our Traffic Management page

TCDC Applies for Resource Consents for Blowhole Walkway August 2015

TCDC appears to have now applied for Resource Consents for a number of structures including on the Blowhole walkway. This is in spite of Hahei RPA/Stakeholders group being very clear that we are opposed to any Walkway South of Hahei at this stage. TCDC also said that no construction would begin until Hahei issues had been sorted. They also said that they would investigate what was required for consents but would not be applying for them until a walkway was confirmed. OK, so this is not strictly construction but there is no way they would be spending money on consents unless they are 100 percent committed to beginning construction! They certainly apear to be saying one thing to us and doing just whatever they want! View their consent applications here under Consent Tracking for Orchard Road.

Key documents relating to this

Cathedral Cove / Lees Rd Walk Plan
Blowhole Walk Plan
Planners Comments

Hahei Ratepayers/Stakeholders Letter August 2015

After continuing frustration at being unable to obtain answers from TCDC about issues around the Walkway, and TCDC's continued assertions in the press about how they were pressing on, the Ratepayers/Stakeholders group has written requesting clarification and answers about issues affecting Hahei. The strong letter and comprehensive documentation makes it known that the community is not happy with the process and answers to date. Read it all here

Our group has actually now been invited to be part of the Governance group along with TCDC, DOC and IWI. We don't have voting rights as they do, but at least we are around the table officially at last.

Read the minutes of their 6th August meeting (before we were included) which made decisions about numerous track issues.

The Terms of Reference and makeup of the Governance group are also here.

Hahei Ratepayers/Stakeholders Position May 2015

In May 2015 a combined RPA Committee and Stakeholders Group meeting formulated a community position statement regarding TCDC's walkway and carpark proposals

This was presented to TCDC and is under ongoing discussion

Traffic Management

TCDC has proposed a 130 car Pay & Display carpark on Pa Rd at a cost of almost $500,000. The Community position statement opposes this as it is considered to be too small and perhaps in the wrong place. A Traffic Management survey has been commissioned so any decision on this is considered premature until the results of that report and the District Plan recomendations are out.

District Plan Hearings

These were completed in May 2015 after submissions in November 2013. A number of people submitted and spoke at the hearings. The major issue for Hahei is the proposed rezoning of the piece of land coming into Hahei (known as 100 acres) from Rural to Rural Lifestyle.

There was a submission made on behalf of 380 interested "Hahei people" opposing the zoning change and asking for a moratorium until a process can be put in place that considers the importance of this land to Hahei's future.

Submitters, land owners and other affected parties are meeting on 29 May 2015 to discuss a way forward and process for this.

The District Plan decisions are due out in December 2015

Community Plan

This is going to be reviewed during 2015 with assistance from TCDC in order to provide some certainty for Hahei's future.

Long Term Plan

Hearings were held in April and May 2015 on the TCDC Long Term Plan.

"Pinkys" Cathedral Court Restaurant Application

There is an application with council proposing that the pink house at 15 Cathedral Court (on the corner with Hahei Beach Rd) become a restaurant.

This has raised a number of issues especially related to noise and parking. There was also a great deal of concern that the application should have been fully notified as it may set a precedent for other commercial operations within "residential' areas of the village.

All 17 of the affected parties (neighbours) are opposing this application.