Local Body Elections 2016

The 2016 local body elections were completed on 8 October 2016. Official results are on the TCDC site here

Prior to the election, as a service to the people of Hahei, we sent all the candidates a questionnaire to help understand their position of key Hahei issues. Followiing are the results of the election - we have left the links to the questionaires completed by the sucessful candidates so that you can "keep them honest".

Elections 2016 - Candidates Responses to our Questionnaire

The questionnaire was divided into 3 sections -

  1. Information about the candidate (education, business experience etc.)
  2. General views on local government
  3. How they will address Hahei issues.

You can read the questionnaire here.

Click on the links to see the responses from the successful candidates.

Mayoral Candidates - Peter French and Sandra Goudie were the only candidates for Mayor. Peter French campaigned on "more of the same" Sandra Goudie proposed a change

A comparison of their responses is here.

Key points are

  • Sandra Goudie proposed to refocus on core infrastructure; her view is that initiatives outside core infrastructure should be led by the local community. She aims to ensure that we have representation on the Walk Governance Board, and support the development of the Hahei Community Plan.




Council Candidates/Mercury Bay Ward

The incumbent team of Tony Fox and Murray Mclean were re-elected. Click on their names to see their responses.

Community Board Candidates Mercury Bay

All the current Community Board Members stood again. That was Paul Kelly, Bill McLean, Paul Hopkins and Deli Connell. Paul Hopkins was unsuccessful and has been replaced by Rekha Giri-Percival who actually recorded the highest number of votes.

Click on their names to see their responses.

Waikato Regional Council Candidates

There were 6 candidates to choose from. We sent them a slightly modified questionnaire.

The candidates were Mark Alloway (no response), Clyde Graf (Rates Control Team), Brian Habberfeild (Independent), Liam Kedzlie, Dal Minogue and Dirk Sieling

Dal Minogue was elected for the Thames - Coromandel General Constituency.

The official WRC results are here.





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