DOC Conservation Management Strategy


In 2012 DOC underwent a review process for Conservation Management Strategies nation-wide.

Of particular interest was the local CMS document encompassing Cathedral Cove, Hot Water Beach and the wider Mercury Bay area.

The local draft CMS document included various plans for Cathedral Cove; carpark options for Grange Rd, and also overnight accommodation on Mahurangi Island.


Public consultation was undertaken by way of a public meeting in Hahei and a submission process.

The public meeting in Hahei was attended by about 80 people and was by far the most attended public meeting held anywhere in NZ. Very strong views were expressed about many items in the CMS document.

Subsequently the submission and hearing process resulted in decisions on the Cathedral Coast part of the Waikato CMS being deferred so that a local working group could work through the community concerns and views. John Rich from DOC formed a local group called the Integrated Plan working group


Integrated Plan Working Group

The purpose of this group was to work through all aspects of the CMS and come up with clear recommendations and a document to be incorporated into the main CMS document within 2 years.

The group was made up of TCDC (Sam Marshall and others), DOC reps (John Rich and others), Community Board (Paul Kelly), Iwi (Peter Johnson Jnr) and local representatives (Phil Costello, Peter Hawley, Brian Kuecke, Ron Egan). The idea of the group was to have good collaboration between all affected parties.

The brief was, to where possible, consider implications of the DOC CMS on the wider community as well as any mitigation strategies for the effects of increased numbers to Cathedral Cove on Hahei. Carparking and congestion was of course a major part of discussions.

Discussions were wide ranging and considered every possible option for all issues from sessions of “brainstorming” and “thinking out of the box”. Of course many options were rejected outright but other less obvious ones had merit for consideration.

Current Status of CMS

The main part of the Waikato CMS has now been approved.

DOC has now prepared their Draft Integrated Management Plan document. This must be presented to the Community for consideration. This will perhaps happen in 2016

After that it will be incorporated into the main Waikato CMS.



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