District Plan

Draft District Plan - July 2016 update

Hahei RPA has appealled the decision to change the zoning and allow the structrue plan on the "100 acres" at the entry to Hahei. RPA does not think the correct notification process was used for inclusion of this plan. John North and others have appealed on behalf of those who were included in John's original submission (with 370 others) regarding this.

The Plan Process- Background

The updating of TCDC’s District Plan is an ongoing process. In fact, TCDC has a whole department that is responsible for updating and managing the District Plan. If you would like to understand their work go to http://www.tcdc.govt.nz/Your-Council/Council-Projects/Current-Projects/District-Plan-Review-Project/

Over the years, there have been several Hahei relevant updates to the District Plan. For instance, in the 2010 District Plan there are rules related to the future development of the Hahei Camping Ground.

Currently TCDC is updating the 2010 District Plan. A proposed District Plan was issued 2013 and formal submissions were submitted from December 2013 to March 2014. A District Plan panel of commissioners was formed and submissions heard recently. TCDC and the Planning Commissioners are now considering the submissions and a new District Plan will be issued at the end of 2015.

Development of the Entrance to Hahei

Of particular interest to Hahei residents is a proposal to rezone the entrance to Hahei from Rural to Rural Lifestyle which would allow development.

TCDC has received a number of submissions concerning this area and recently heard presentations from submitters supporting their submissions.

On behalf of 365 people, representing 176 Hahei properties, a John North led group made a presentation proposing that there should be a moratorium on any changes until we have completed our Community Plan. See this community submission. Individuals also made submissions.

In addition, current landowners submitted proposals for subdividing the land into a large number of sections. View the submission for rezoning and structure plan for "100 acres"

View the Hahei Holidays (camp) submission re zoning changes

The well considered Staff report from the hearings recommended leaving the zoning as Rural until Hahei issues were considered further.

District Plan Commissioners are now considering the submissions.


Development of the Entrance to Hahei Background
– What do we want?

Recently TCDC invited submitters to a meeting (on May 29 2015) to consider all options for this important part of Hahei. Bill Stead and John North attended on behalf of the Community along with other individual submitters. There was wide ranging discussion on the Plan "process". The proposed structure plan was presented but little if anything has changed since submissions were made. There was no suggestion at the meeting that the structure plan could be amended to accommodate any possible community infrastrucure requirements. The TCDC planners notes of the meeting are here

Following this, at the HBRPA meeting on 10 June 2015 , this was discussed and a position statement formulated. This was sent to the planners for inclusion in their memo to the Plan hearing committee. This statement requests that as per the community submission made, there should be a moratorium on any decision relating to this land until after the Hahei Community Plan is revised. ie no rezoning from the current rural zoning.

District Plan decisions are intended to be released in about April 2016.

Tell us what you want for this area
If you have a viewpoint that you would like to express, or any matters that you would like the Community Committee to consider, please e-mail us at chair@haheiratepayers.co.nz. As always, anyone is welcome to attend Community Committee meetings.



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