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Links and information about current Resource Consent applications that may be of public interest.

Once an application is lodged you are able to follow the progress of this (or any other application) by using the free TCDC online Consent Tracker at - Enter the address and "Go". tell TCDC if this isn't working.

Information about how to make a submission in support or opposition of an application is at

There are currently four applications of local interest listed here. A Bottle Store in the Grange Road shopping area, Cathedral Court Restaurant, an Orchard Rd / Christine Terrace Subdivision and a Pa Rd subdivision


Bottle Store Liquor License Application – 22/1/2016

There was an application for a liquor license to operate a bottle store from the shop between Richardsons and the Ice Cream Parlour in the Grange Road shopping precinct. Hours of operation stated as Mon-Sun 9am to 9pm.

There are currently 4 other places with liquor licenses in Hahei. The application notification for this was on page 36 of the 22nd Jan edition of the Hauraki Herald.

Objections or letters of support for this application were due 15 days from 22nd January (approx 5th Feb) by writing to

The Secretary of the District Licensing Committee
515 Mackay Street

Update July 2016
68 objections were received and a hearing was held in June. Following this, the Licensing Committee approved the application for a new Off Licence premise which may operate from 9am to 9pm daily. Read the decision here

Pa Rd Subdivision 29/2/2016

Mike Grogan has applied for a two lot subdivision on top of the hill at 116 Pa Rd. This has been notified. You can view the application and detail here.

You can follow the progress of it (or any other application) by using the free TCDC online Consent Tracker at
(NB: This application is lodged under Pa Rd - 29/2/16 - Sub 2016/11 )


Christine Terrace/Orchard Road Subdivision 18/2/2016

Alastair Sims (Coyote Developments) and others shortly plan to apply for a resource consent for a subdivision creating 6 or 7 titles off Orchard Road and Christine Terrace. This is non complying so will be fully notified.

The developers suggest there are number of benefits from this, particularly for Orchard Road residents.

In terms of visual impact they state

“that there will be two additional houses visible from certain parts of Hahei village on the north facing slopes of the hills to the south of the village. It is submitted that this will amount to an insignificant alteration to the appearance of these hills from the village.”

Two of the other house sites will apparently only be visible from the sea.

Alastair has prepared an excellent readable summary document so that you don’t have to wade through the whole application to understand the plan. You may view this summary document here

Other documentation provided here includes
Concept Plan
Scheme Plan Stage 1
Scheme Plan Stage 2
Scheme Plan Stage 3
Photo of all 4 properties

Alastair is happy to provide more information and access to full documentation should you require it (see summary for contact info)

You can follow the progress of this application (or any other application) by using the free TCDC online Consent Tracker at
(NB: See under 25 Christine Terrace 18/2/16 COM - 2016/2017.)

Cathedral Court Restaurant - Application date 26/09/2013

Proposed restaurant on corner of Beach Road and Cathedral Court

This is at the pink house opposite the general store - locally colloquially referred to as "Pinkys Restaurant"

The owners have applied for a consent for a restaurant business in this house. This is contentious because it is within a residential area, not an area zoned commercial. Many consider that it should have been publicly notified because of this and the precedent it may set for commercial operations amongst residences. But TCDC considered that the effect was only minor so it did not require public notification.

Neighbours who were notified are strongly opposed to this because of possible issues regarding noise, smells, traffic and other things that they consider will immediately affect them and their property values. The process is ongoing as at April 2017.

Documentation on this is available on the TCDC Consent Tracking page at

See under Cathedral Court 26/09/2013 LUC - 2013 / 207 Select "All" as "Application Types" option

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