Cathedral Coast Walk


The most pressing current issue in Hahei is the number of tourists now visiting Cathedral Cove (approx. 160,000 in 2014), and their impact on the village.

Hahei is extremely congested over the January - March holiday period. Measures have been taken to prevent parking on Grange Rd (towaway zone, signage etc). This has eased congestion here but has pushed the problem to the rest of Hahei. At one time on 4th January 2015 there were 280 cars in the Park & Ride carpark plus about 300+ cars parked around Harsant Ave, Beach Rd and Dawn Ave. A Park & Ride helped but only operated for around 4 weeks and then closed.

TCDC's proposed Cathedral Coast Walk will mean more congestion. There is a huge amount of feeling that there should be no new walk or other tourist attractions until current congestion issues are solved.

TCDC commissioned a feasibility study for a walkway from Hot Water Beach to Hahei. The Nov 2013 Miles Report is here.

There were some good aspects in this report but also some serious red flags about issues that it would cause in Hahei.

Stakeholders Group

Subsequently a Stakeholders Group was formed (at very short notice and chosen by TCDC) so that TCDC could discuss their plans with community representatives. Prior to TCDC's 2015 funding application to the Lotteries Commission, this group made a presentation to TCDC based on feedback from a large number of people who "had their say" - 66% of people firmly opposed to the walkway, primarily on the basis that current issues and congestion needed to be sorted first.

At TCDC's request, the Stakeholders group also sent a formal letter to TCDC stating the position of the Stakeholders Group.

Hahei Ratepayers Association Involvement

The Ratepayers Association had two repesentatives on the initial Stakeholders Group (of around 18 people)

Following the 2015 HBRPA AGM, the Hahei Ratepayers Association has been revitalised and merged with the Stakeholders group in order to present a unified voice for the community. The combined group has approximately 20 members.


There was little consultation with the Community until finally, under local pressure, TCDC agreed to a public meeting in late November 2014. Approximately 180 people attended this meeting. Very strong feelings were expressed about the TCDC process, the lack of consultation, and the potential impacts on Hahei.

Many questions were sent in advance - TCDC produced a sort of FAQ handout answering some of these.

The official TCDC meeting minutes are here

The draft minutes were more of a direct transcript of the meeting and the stong opinions expressed. Read the transcript (draft minutes) here and see what was really said.



Further Actions, Documents & Correspondences etc
For more, see the documentation and minutes pages

View Minutes of recent Governance Group meetings and Hahei Ratepayers / Stakeholders meetings

Purangi Crossing Options Report May 2016
TCDC Report considering estuary crossing options. Highlights a current Walkway budget shortfall of around 10% - $360,000 approx.

McHanns Bay Walkway Extension Update May 2016
Update on the new track connecting the Cathedral Cove Track to Mc Hanns Bay (Andlinger Track)

Mayor sets up new Walkway Stakeholders Group April 2016 - See Terms of Reference for new key Stakeholders Group

Mayor suggests excluding HPRA from full Governance Group meetings

In April 2016 the Mayor called our chairman and said that he only wanted our group to have minimal involvement in the Governance Group - ie attend meetings for 30 minutes only.

We have always taken the position that we are key stakeholders in the project and should actually have full involvement and voting rights, rather than less.

Our group wrote back stating our position on the matter. Read the letter here.

Our chairman also made a presentation at the Governance Group meeting outlining our position and expectations. This was not well received by the Mayor

The presentation is here.

Please let us know if you have a viewpoint on either of these that you would like us to consider.

Public meeting 28 Nov 2015

The Mayor, TCDC staff, DOC, IWI, Community Board members and various TCDC staff attended and spoke. Approximately 180 members of the public attended. Presentations by the Mayor, the Community Board, DOC and IWI, were followed by a question and answer session.

Unfortunately, due to the time available and the length of many of the questions and answers, a great many questions were not directly asked or answered. However, the strong sentiment of attendees was that that the Ratepayers and Stakeholders group should continue to ask the hard questions and not allow the Walkways Governance group to just proceed as they wish without taking in to account and dealing with infrastructural consequences and any other issues raised by the Hahei community.

TCDC prepared a handout for the meeting which you may or may not agree with!

Listen to the Mayor's presentation here

TV3 News attended - view their news report here

Read the article from The Informer about the meeting

Community Position Followups October 2015

Following various correspondences and meetings, on 24 August we asked for clarification on a number of issues. These were finally answered on 28 Sept 2015 (see below)

We did not feel that the responses were adequate and also that TCDC was ignoring the stakeholders original letter of conditional support for the walkway concept (Feb 2015).

On 20 October 2015 we sent a letter to the Governance group expressing our concerns and asking that they honour their acceptance that our support or the concept was conditional upon their referral to our Community Plan. This letter also states our position on a number of other points.

The Community plan is critical to this planning as it takes into account a number of infrastuructural and other issues (parking, commercial, sewage etc) and the "peoples' vision" for Hahei.

We also sent a letter with our feedback and comments on the Traffic Management Plan The letter is here

In early August a group also investigated (by boat) whether a true coastal route might be an option. John Gaukrodger, who is contracted for the actual track building wrote an excellent report on this option

Letter to Governance Group 24 Aug 2015

Our group expressed concerns and asked for answers on a number of points. Detailed background information was forwarded to them. We requested that these questions be addressed by the Governance group meeting on 27 August. See the letter and presentation.

Some of these were answered by Gary Towler on 28 Sept 2015. See email transcript

Of note is point 2.1 which suggests that TCDC will not take any account of our Community Plan even though they accepted this in February as a condition of our support of the Walkway concept.

As requested they also provided their latest timeline and budget.

Community Position Statement May 2015

At a combined Ratepayers and Stakeholders group meeting in May 2015, a firm revised position for Hahei was resolved and sent to TCDC. This includes a view on the Lees Rd footpath, TCDC's proposed Hahei (Pa Rd) carpark and the proposed Blowhole Walk. It is based on the feed back we have received both in writing and in neighbourhood meetings. We are confident it truly reflects the feeling of our community.

Read the May 2015 Hahei Position document

Other Documentation:

TCDC application for planning consents for walkway structure on the Cathedral Cove and Blowhole walks, August 2015.
Key documents:
Cathedral Cove / Lees Rd Walk Plan
Blowhole Walk Plan
Planners Comments

Garry Towler (Project manager)'s Walkway report to Economic Development Committee April 2015 stating "where the walkway is at" from the positive perspective of those driving the project.

TCDC Coastal Walkway webpage - about the project, timelines, TCDC FAQs, press releases etc



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