AGM 2018

Ratepayers AGM 2018

The 2018 Hahei Ratepayers Association AGM was held on Sunday 1 April (Easter Sunday) at 2pm in the Hahei Community Centre.

The minutes from the 2018 AGM are here. These need to be accepted at the 2019 AGM.

All were welcome and encouraged to attend and speak if they wisedh, but only financial members were able to vote. The RPA membership form is here - please join and help us look after this special place.

Membership is only $20. This allows one vote per paid membership - Resident or Ratepayer.

Minutes and associated documents from the 2017 AGM are here

The Agenda for the 2018 AGM is here.

2018 Committee Nominations

Nominations for the committee closed on 11th March 2018.

The nomination form for 2018 is here.

Nomination forms had to be returned before 11th March 2018.





Constitution Change

There was a vote on proposed constitution changes which the committee had drafted.

This was passed at the 2018 AGM.

The two main reasons for this review were:

1) To allow non ratepayer residents (eg long term renters) to be able to belong to, participate, and vote in the Association. We have many long term residents who do not own property here (often because of cost) but want to feel involved and engaged with local issues and to "have a say". The Association will become a Residents and Ratepayers Association rather than being a strictly Ratepayers Association.

2) To remove some of the historical, clumsy and draconian wording in the old constitution and make it clearer and more up to date.

The new proposed constitution put forward for consideration and voting is here.




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