HBRPA past achievements


  • Requested that TCDC prioritise a walkway along Grange Road. This has been scheduled but has yet to be constructed.
  • Opposed a retail beach concession at Cathedral Cove. This concession was subsequently rejected by DoC due to the arch being closed since April 30th 2010 after the initial 2009 Rockfall. There have been two other rockfalls since then and a decision on stabilisation of the arch is pending.
  • Prepared the 2010 Updated Community Plan. This was received by TCDC for use in the 'Blue Print' document.
  • Communicated extensively with TCDC regarding the Council’s vision in the Blue Print versus the communities aspirations for Hahei and its future. The Community Plan shows that 85% of ratepayers do not want further development south of the existing village boundary.
  • Made a submission on the proposed Structure Plan for the campground by Hahei Holidays Ltd.


arrow 2009/2010 HBRPA COMMITTEE:
  • Surveyed all ratepayers and reviewed the Community Plan in preparation for the Blue Print process.
  • Achieved great success with increased patronage of the Park & Ride in the second trial year. The Committee voluntarily ran the service again. The bus fare was increased from $1.00 to $2.00 with a family cap of $5.00.
  • Completed the Tsunami Action Plan as a sub-group in conjunction with Hahei emergency Service and Hot Water Beach Ratepayers Association. 


arrow 2008/2009 HBRPA COMMITTEE:
  • Implemented Traffic Management improvements.
  • Widened and added parking to Beach Car Park area.Kotare car park –extension complete.
  • Accomplished the first Park & Ride trial. The service was envisioned and run by the Committee with huge success.
  • Allocated funding to provide Rescue Tubes on both Hahei Beach and at Cathedral Cove.
  • ‘I Site’ and Cathedral Cove signage completed


arrow 2007/2008 HBRPA COMMITTEE:
  • Made a submission to the TCDC Annual Plan 2007 including topics such as TCDC Operating Expenses: Building Accreditation costs and South Mercury Green Waste.


arrow 2006/2007 HBRPA COMMITTEE:

  • Requested a limit to the number of Beach Concessions for Hahei Beach and that a formal process be established to assess concession criteria and compliance. 
  • Submissions were made with endorsements and recommendations to the TCDC Reserve Management Plan.
  • Achieved council endorsement for the Hahei Waste Treatment Plant upgrade, with $600,000.00 funding through the Long Term Council Community Plan (LTCCP)


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